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IRS Conveniently Claims Lost Lois Lerner Emails

The IRS, which is supposed to stand for the Internal Revenue Service, but which would be more appropriately identified as the Irresponsible Research Scam, has notified Congress that it has lost important emails from Lois Lerner to key Democrats during the time in question. The IRS, as the money laundering arm of the Federal government,…

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Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is on the Run

Most Americans can recall President Obama using the phrase “Al Qaeda is on the run,” back in 2012 during campaign speeches across the country. That phrase, or a derivative of it, was used numerous times to lure the masses into believing that America, and her troops, had all but decimated the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.…

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Brat Beats Cantor for Tea Party Victory

Dave Brat, a name many Americans were unfamiliar with on Monday of this week, had the undivided attention of every major MSM agency in America by Wednesday morning. Brat was the underdog in Virginia’s Republican primary, backed by the Tea Party, he faced off against House majority leader Eric Cantor and won. This is definitely…

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John “Behind the Times” Boehner

It has been a little over a week since Barack “Always Unaware” Obama stumbled, fumbled, and dropped the ball, while dealing with Bergdahl. Now, John “Behind the Times” Boehner has decided to voice his thoughts and feelings on the situation, claiming that Americans are now less safe than they were a week ago. Let’s have…

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Homeless Hillary and Dead Broke Bill

Perhaps you’ve heard the latest on homeless Hillary and her husband ‘Dead Broke’ Bill. In case you missed it, the wannabe heir to the throne of thoughtlessness, claims that when she and her husband left the White House at the end of his terms as President, they were all but flat broke, penniless, and living…

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Bergdahl versus Benghazi

If you ever had any doubt about the sheer hypocrisy of those sitting in the high backed chairs of federal level politics, you need look no further than John “Class-less” Kerry, the double standard dunderhead currently in charge of the State Department. Kerry continues to huff and puff hypocrisy in epic proportions, bending over backwards…

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