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Veterans in America

Veterans in America have never been given the respect they deserve. They enlist in service to their country and fellow man, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life, and when they return to the land they love, they are often outcast, forgotten, and/or placed on waiting lists to receive the…

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Chicago Plans to Videotape all Gun Sales

Only in the Democratically controlled city of Chicago, the murder capital of the United States of America, would new gun legislation include requirements to videotape all legal gun sales. When are the anti-gun activists going to finally realize that the criminals overrunning the city, do NOT purchase their weapons legally, from an authorized gun dealer?…

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The Glorification of Guns

Guns have been, are, and likely always will be, a part of American culture. As many of us are aware, gun violence in America is always a hot topic. Every time a ‘madman’ goes on a rampage and unnecessarily takes lives, law abiding gun owners find themselves under attack. Those who oppose gun ownership never…

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Proof Positive Climate Change is a Political Ploy

Much has been said on both sides of the political aisle regarding the touchy subject of climate change. On one side of the climate condition conundrum are those who deny the idea that the climate is warming rapidly and irreversibly, and on the other side there are those that promote climate change as fact. Quite…

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Marijuana Hackers Wanted by FBI

If you are 40 years old, or older, then you are probably aware of the decade’s long war on the marijuana plant. For at least the past 30 years the federal government of the United States has spared no expense demonizing marijuana with public propaganda. In fact, several statistical compilations indicate that the overall majority…

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China versus US in Double Standard Spying Spat

Yesterday news broke that the United States have unsealed indictments against 5 specific individuals believed to be working as cyber hackers for the government of China. It was seen by many as a nothing more than a measure to bring the story to light since it is highly unlikely China will turn over the individuals…

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