DHS spying on Americans

DHS Spying on Americans Confirmed

DHS spying on Americans Finally, the answer we have all been frantically searching has arrived, and from the DHS itself no less. I don’t know about you folks but this recent announcement sure does settle my concerns about the DHS spying on Americans. It goes without saying that any explanation offered by a government mouthpiece should be taken with a grain of salt. A few shots of tequila and a wedge of lemon wouldn’t hurt either, especially if you plan on believing anything they have to offer.

With the recent passing of laws that enable the federal government to launch drones over American airspace and the establishment of fusion centers all over the national landscape it has left many of us wondering who they are interested in looking at. We have all been concerned with the DHS spying on Americans through the use of various means and now we have the proof.


“In trying to clear up the ‘misconceptions’ about the conduct of fusion centers, Arkansas State Fusion Center Director Richard Davis simply confirmed Americans’ fears: the center does in fact spy on Americans – but only on those who are suspected to be ‘anti-government’.”

So the DHS spying on Americans doesn’t involve any American citizens, just those suspected of being anti-government, that’s a relief. Forgive me if I am reading too much into this article, but wouldn’t anti-government Americans include everyone not currently sucking up a seat in a political position? I know I have voiced many of my concerns about local, state and federal forms of government. Does this mean I am anti-government? Not by my definition, since the majority of my complaints happen to be directed at politicians who pervert the Constitution to serve their misguided anti-government agendas. Read the entire issue here.


“(CNN) — The number of American “patriot” extremist groups has reached a record level, according to a new study, and experts are warning of a wave of anti-government violence.”

Notice how the media is portraying “patriot” groups as extremist in nature, sort of broadens the horizons for what falls under the definition of anti-government doesn’t it. Are you satisfied that your name isn’t on a federal fusion center watch dog list? Me neither. The DHS spying on Americans initiative places us all under the microscope.


“A report released Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center counted 1,360 “patriot” extremist groups in 2012 — up by 7% from 2011. The study defines patriot groups as anti-government militias driven by their fear that authorities will strip them of their guns and liberties.”

Let me put this as bluntly as I can without being overtly offensive. If those idiots in D.C. weren’t passing laws to strip us of our liberties and rights to own guns we wouldn’t have to live in fear of being subjected to a tyrannical form of dictatorship. They make the laws and then accuse us of being the culprits.

“…the DHS has released documents listing Ron Paul supporters, libertarians, people who support gun rights, who oppose the Federal Reserve, oppose illegal immigration and oppose abortion as “domestic extremists” and terrorists.”

According to that definition it would be safe to assume that many of us are on several federal watch dog lists. I guess if you want to avoid being subjected to the DHS spying on Americans you should consider rolling over and exposing yourself for a proper probing. The biggest anti-government extremist groups in this country aren’t even being targeted by these fusion centers!

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