Remember, Remember, Midterms this November

November I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but the constant finger pointing and subsequent ineffectiveness of our elected leaders, is something that has really started to chap asses across the remainder of the country. What we have witnessed for the last 5-1/2 years under the Obama administration, is a Congress full of spineless subjects, all with the deeper desire to retain their jobs, than to perform the duties inherent to the offices they hold.

How many scandals have surfaced under the Obama regime? And of those, how many have been investigated by a special, select, enter catchphrase here, Congressional committee? Further still, how many have resulted in anything beneficial to the American people? We are being flogged with fictitious fabrications at every turn. Obama does it, everybody knows it is illegal, treasonous, unconstitutional, or at the very least, morally incomprehensible, and yet what gets done about it? Absolutely nothing! We all need to remember this come November. The days of allowing Congress to claim they have no legitimate footing to curtail the corrupt nature of this President and his administration must come to an immediate end. It is time to vote out all incumbent members of Congress, 535 of them to be exact, gut those hallowed halls to the core, and elect people from the people, who will uphold their oaths of office at all costs.


“Texas politicians are getting a close-up look at how border authorities are handling an influx of Central American immigrants – many of them children who came here without family members.

Sen. Ted Cruz and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott got a tour today of one facility housing immigrant children after they’re processed near the border: the Air Force’s Joint Base San Antonio, where children wait for judicial hearings or to be placed with relatives.

Both Abbott and Cruz blame the increase in immigrants on the Obama administration’s deferred action for childhood arrivals policy, which offered a delay of immigration proceedings for children brought to the U.S. before 2007.
“It is unacceptable to have children housed in facilities like this,” said Abbot, the Republican nominee for Texas Governor. “Equally unacceptable, though, is to have a president promoting policies that entice children to navigate more than a thousand miles away from home.”

“These parents, I think, if they knew and understood what their children would experience, they wouldn’t hand these kids over,” Sen. Cruz said. “But they have been led to believe that all their child has to do is get to America and they will receive amnesty.”

Asked what should happen to children who successfully made it into the U.S., Cruz said they should be sent back to the countries they came from.

Additionally, Gov. Rick Perry and Democrat for Texas governor Wendy Davis made separate visits to the Mexican border region today, both to observe the upswing in border crossings.

Davis is calling on Gov. Perry to declare a state of emergency and to call a special session of the legislature to increase funding to local authorities and charities. In a letter to Perry, Davis also calls on the Governor to seek federal reimbursement. The Texas Tribune has more.

A Perry spokesperson responds that Davis should send her letter on to her “political ally,” President Obama.”

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