Russian Troops

Russian Troops on U.S. Soil

Russian Troops Some of you may have missed this information in the media circus surrounding the Zimmerman trial, but recent public announcements regarding Russian troops on U.S. soil have caused many Americans to begin questioning what the purpose of this program is, and where it may lead to in the not too distant future. We are all familiar with the U.N. Agenda 21 program of “sustainable development,” which is really a euphemism for controlling the population of this planet.

Originally the U.S. government denied these allegations, insisting that there were no foreign troops on American soil and that there was nothing to the eye witness reports suggesting that unmarked aircraft were landing at U.S. military bases here and abroad. More recently, reports detailing the placement of Russian troops on U.S. Soil, have been confirmed. The government of Russia itself has confirmed requests by the Obama administration for Russian troops to come to America and train for various disturbances have been received. Could this be the beginning of the end for all those opposing the policies of the NWO?


“Both the United States and Russian government have publically announced that armed foreign troops are present on American soil. Their mission is to follow command orders to keep Americans under control if the SHTF. This is all part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21.”

Given the scandals and federally manufactured race related rhetoric surrounding the Zimmerman trial, one has to wonder if the current Obama regime is not only guilty of trying to incite civil unrest but also has plans for enacting Martial Law at the earliest possible convenience.


“Russia herself confirms that the Obama administration has requested 15,000 Russian troops to train with FEMA in the event of a SHTF scenario, particularly in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.”

We need to ask ourselves why this is happening. There are several people in this country who firmly believe that Obama wants to implement himself as America’s first dictator, and when we follow the timeline of events over the course of his Presidential terms, it is hard to denounce this as an all too real possibility. By requesting Russian troops and having them on U.S. soil, the stage has been set.


“The problem with these foreign troops being trained to intervene on American soil in SHTF scenarios which might occur here is that they have no loyalty to our Constitution, they have no loyalty to the inherent rights that have always been ours as American citizens, and they have no basis for restraint in any action they might perceive as necessary, regardless of our laws. They have no constitutional right to interfere in the internal events of our country.”

Reread that last quoted piece of content. If/when civil unrest erupts on American streets, these Russian troops will be used to quell the disturbance. The Obama regime has already established alliances to squash any rebellion that may arise. They have taken the necessary steps to ensure that any rebel forces and/or militias will be left to fend for themselves against forces from other nations, thereby eliminating the ability of rebel forces to enjoy any support from the global community. Our government, through the use of the Prism project has their finger on the pulse of the nation and they fear an uprising of epic proportions. Russian troops do not belong on U.S. soil under any circumstances, there being here should send an alarming signal to those that have been silently sleeping through this administrations illegal activities. We have never been closer to becoming an occupied nation as we are right now.


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