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Steroid- Abusing Police Officer Richard Klementovich Holds Neighorhood Hostage

Posted on 18 June 2012 by george

Richard Klementovich, the 42-year-old Clifton, New Jersey police officer who barricaded himself in the home of his ex-wife in nearby Doylestown and turned a quiet neighborhood into a free-fire zone, was apparently attempting to commit “suicide by cop.” An admitted steroid user, Klementovich – who was paid $114, 560 in 2011 — described himself as angry “at this job and law enforcement. And it’s them who I will take out my anger on.”

“They will do the job I couldn’t and take my life,” wrote the 14-year law enforcement veteran in a June 16 e-mail to his ex-wife wife, Jill Majors. “I hope whomever comes to our house is ready to die tomorrow because I will be Jill…. Tell the police I have a surprise for them, this is the way I want to die.” When police arrived at the home, they found a manila envelope containing a note in which Klementovich said that he had scoped rifles, a cache of 2,000 rounds of ammunition, and that he “was ready to die.”

After Klementovich fired on police vehicles, several SWAT teams and emergency response units converged on the scene. Local residents were ordered to seek shelter in a nearby police facility or in their basements. Despite the deployment of paramilitary operators and heavy weaponry – including a tank-like vehicle – the standoff ended in anti-climactic fashion. Displaying uncommon restraint, the police allowed one of their own to surrender to a negotiator and leave the home of “his own free will,” reports

Prior to June 17, Klementovich was part of New Jersey’s tax-subsidized elite: He reportedly was paid $114,560 in 2011, at least some of which was used to feed his steroid addiction — which most likely would have led to a prison term had he been a Mundane (or common citizen).

Steroid use – including the attendant psychological syndrome called “Roid Rage” is quite commonplace among cops. “Officer Jimmy,” an anonymous active-duty police officer, told Men’s Health magazine that “Steroid use is very pervasive in law enforcement. I’d say, of the cops I know, 20 percent to 25 percent of them are using” steroids. “Jimmy,” who became a police officer in 2000, is a good representative of the “dominate-intimidate” mindset that defines contemporary law enforcement. He believes – or at least believed at one time – that police are under-utilizing an important tool: “What law enforcement needs is a little testosterone. Every cop should do a [steroid] cycle a year.”

A March 2004 pamphlet published by the DEA’s “Office of Diversion Control” underscores the reasons why steroids are so attractive to the likes of “Officer Jimmy”: “The idea of enhanced physical strength and endurance provides one with `the invincible mentality’ when performing law enforcement duties.”

If Klementovich had snapped and committed an act of violence against an innocent person while on duty, he most likely would be on “administrative leave” – that is, paid vacation – while his police union provided him with expensive legal help and unqualified support. The fact that he was able to walk away from the standoff, rather than being killed in a full-force military onslaught, is itself an illustration of the privileged position Klementovich continues to occupy: If he had been a mere Mundane, he would almost certainly be dead.

The siege in Clifton underscores another important and largely ignored point – namely, the asininity of the assumption that police officers, unlike Mundanes, can be entrusted with firearms. One of the tenets of the civilian disarmament catechism is that the same guns that are unacceptably dangerous when owned by private citizens are transmuted into instruments of civic amity when wielded by the State’s enforcement caste. Klementovich’s rampage is just the latest of numerous incidents demonstrating that the police are actually the most dangerous element of society.

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  1. tom miller Says:

    And you won’t hear a word of this in the national press, nothing about this incident or the widespread “roid rage” among cops nationwide. The MSM are only too happy to continue in their duty as the Fascist Corporate State’s Ministry of Propaganda by trying to keep the ‘mundanes’ in the dark.

  2. Eve Says:

    Is this guy related to John Goodman?
    He has a future in the impersonator business if the cop thing doesn’t work out (and hopefully it doesn’t).

    US civilian disarmament is a UN agenda. Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.

    People naively believe the police are still in the mindset of “To Protect and To Serve” and while some officers do have this view, the others are steroid raging oppressors.

    Case in point, this article and this officer.

  3. bill Says:

    Tom Miller put it very well. Nor will you hear about private gun owners who put their guns to good use defending themselves, neighbors and families from robbers, rapists and murderers. Many people have successfully saved lives being gun owners, without so called collateral damage, that is, accidentally killing innocent people near the crimes. They are often well trained shooters, mature, and responsibly practice using their weapons in a safe and professional manner.

  4. Whoupnaut Says:

    This article explains the increase in violence of law enforcement officers against their families, citizens and selves! Fear makes you act and do thing out of character! Someone needs to speak out so that innocent people do not become unnecessary victims of “Roid Rage!”

  5. Ted Says:

    If he was making $114K/year what did his boss and the Police Chief make – $200K or more per year?

    AND the fact that he was a combat Vet once again shows that NO combat Vets should be hired for domestic law enforcement.

  6. chillmike Says:

    hey, whats up fellow truthers. my names mike and i live in doylestown, pa. this event actually occured literally 2minutes away from my house… the road next to mine was Wells road, which is the road that this development is on, in which was completely blocked off entirely… my best friend’s stepmom’s house was overtaken by SWAT as a base of operations, since it was right across/near the house that was inhabited by this nj cop that went insane… so, basically… im probably the one person here that was closest to this whole fiasco… i can definitely say this is one of the biggest events ever to hit this historical little town, outside of philly… as all of this developed, we received calls to our house informing us about the situation, to stay in our house, etc. now, there so far are quite a few unanswered questions throughout this whole scenario, that leave you wondering what really went on here… but, as lew rockwell stated, it most definitely leaves the fear for more gun control laws and policies, since even tho he was a cop, every article was pushing the point of how many guns he had, the “huge arsenal”, as well as the ammunition, and that he was “ready to die” and that his frustrations were “with the police”… i could post all of the phillyburbs articles here, but i leave that up to you guys to find…. they are very easy to locate with a quick search on there with relevant keywords to the case… but the most important questions i was left with in the end, with one of the last related articles, was this:

    …what i truly wanna know about this “crazy” nj cop was why he was so mad at police in general. what made him turn on his own? basically, im wondering if he woke up to the true agenda the federal government has for cops in the near future?? hopefully, we’ll hear more about it in interviews, but where did his rage for his own brothers in arms come from?? why did he plan an assault and resulting suicide through the very people he had worked for and with for the past 15 or so years….?? this is a very important question that needs answered….

    …anyways, thats pretty much all i have to say now, guys. i just thought you might want to hear from someone who experienced all of this, right down the street, and someone whom lived here in doylestown for most of his life… any questions you guys have for me, just ask… ill gladly answer…. take care fellow infowarriors….

  7. Ellen Says:

    I have to wonder if this wasn’t just another ploy to demonize guns, in general. He announced his intentions, made sure to describe his cache of weapons and ammunition, said he was angry at his fellow pigs, FIRED on them, and then was allowed to WALK AWAY from this ridiculous situation after endangering the neighborhood. The suggestion for doing this would have come from an instigator. It just doesn’t smell right……..

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