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Just Keep Going

Posted on 23 March 2011 by george

I was very impressed with the concept for this video by Luke Rudkowski. It is a telling look into the mindset of the general public and gives a unique perspective on freedom and life. I thought you might enjoy it! I hope you do…

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  1. Randall Says:

    Good example of goy being farmed. Almost ready for slaughter.
    If you don’t know what Goy or Goyim is, look it up.

  2. wanda Says:

    best answer was… “You can shake fear, but love will keep you going.”

  3. David Says:

    I love this video … is really wonderful … and shows just how wonderful people really can be!

    I would love for you to take your camera and go to Washington DC and to carry out this same process with members of congress and the senate on their way into and out of their chambers!

    Would love to see a comparrison with these wonderful people on the subway!

  4. Unsheepled 1 Says:

    I saw this earlier today, Luke is awesome. He inspires!

  5. Don Chapin Says:

    A message to Luke Rudkowski i would have to say your eyes are defenetly wide open to whats goin on in this world it is vary sad the way people live from day to day same old daily grime to live 1 day at a time i would have to say there is something special about Luke in years to come Luke will be a man to be feered by the elite.

  6. Dean Says:

    To the question asked “Does the Gov have your best interests in mind?”, the woman answered “sometimes”. A broken clock is right twice a day.

    Meaning of life? To know God loves you, to love Him in return, and to let God love others through you!

  7. Phillip Sandy Says:

    Well done Luke. I would like to collaborate with you if you find the time. Yu are welcome to come stay for a bit in my home in floriduh,meet the family,have some BBQ,crawfish,hit the beach and talk with some folks there. Its only 10 mins from my house. Hit me back if interested.

    Respectfully in truth and liberty,

    Phillip Sandy

  8. LindaI Says:

    Nicely done, Luke. You inspired my day…Thank you.

  9. Luke Kim Says:

    Cool video. It was nice to see and hear the different faces on the subway. Thanks.

  10. ray rogers Says:

    i really enjoyed the clip. very heart moving. the question about what is the meaning of life was a good one. loved it. keep doing a good job.

  11. ducjeanne Says:

    I have seen other instances of your work.

    I follow We are Change AZ, R3VOLUTION, Freedoms Phoenix, Campaign for Liberty and InfoWars/War is a Racket

  12. terrance caren Says:

    This is a very good video.It’s amazing to me how distant we have become from each other as people.It’s also fascinating to hear what people have to say…if we would just interact with them.

  13. Jeff Madeen Says:

    This is what it all about::::::::humans being human


  14. Jetteye Says:

    Interesting that when he asked the question, “Love or fear?” no one (so far) has said, “Because we are made by God to imitate the very nature of God, which is love.”

  15. katie Says:

    where did the video go can’t see it. to bad lots of replys

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