Frosty Wooldridge – What In The World Will Patriots Do About The Issues Surrounding Immigration?

Posted on 31 December 2009 by Kenada

Air Date: 12/30/2009

Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families that he obtained bicycling 100,000 miles around the globe and across six continents in the past 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles on a regular basis for 16 national and 2 international magazines. He has had hundreds of editorials published in top national newspapers including the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, the Albany Herald and Christian Science Monitor.

Frosty wrote a column, “Crystal desert Continent”, for a major newspaper in Colorado while living in Antarctica. His book, “Handbook for Touring Bicyclists” by Falcon Press is available nationwide. His book “Strike Three! Take Your Base” by the Brookfield Reader was published in January, 2002. His bicycle books include “The Greatest Bicycle Adventures in the World,” a compilation of bicycle adventures on six continents. His latest book, “Antarctica: an Extreme Encounter” was published in 2007.

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  1. KA Says:

    I am all for immigration reform. In fact, I say ship all of Latin American decent out. I don’t want to reward them by passing laws that grant them citizenship for essentially breaking the law. The coutries these people left were so crappy and they were unable to take control that they flooded our country. BUT, this is not true of them all. What I dislike is the idea that somehow Muslims (dwarfed by the illegal Latin american numbers and yet mentioned by name several times and I don’t even think I heard the word “Mexican’ once) are a threat to Christianity, Judaism and by inference America itself. Muslims have NOT acted as aggressors in the middle east. That distinction goes to the good ol’ USA and Israel. Extremism is born out of this just as (coming to an internet site near you) the rise of “American Extremism” (not to be confused to millitia groups and the like who are hyper critical of the USA gov’t (as they should be)). Extremism just means the “right to hate.” The Arabs and Muslims have that right. We have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents. Listen to American soldiers and Blackwater killers. They speak of the Muslims and arabs as scum that should be killed . . .from infant to grandparent. It is disgusting. The only ones who seem to benefit from all of this are the American Politicians and Israel.

    Back to Muslims and their religion. Prior to the mid 60′s, the Muslims were very nice to Christians and Jews. The Muslim faith is closer to Christianity than to Judaism. But more importantly, you should educate yourself as to just what Judaism says about Non-Jews (goyim): they are NOT people. So to Jews, the idea of “converting” Christians is a non-issue. They simply will use them as their playthings until they grow tired of them. Do you know what Jews say about Jesus??? Really? The Muslim faith says no such things. In Iran, Jews lived well with the Muslims. Go take a look at Christians in Israel. They are 2nd class citizens.

    So my point is, talk about there being too many people in the world and the USA. But don’t try to back up your beliefs with your “knowledge” of religion. Muslim extremists exist, but there are extremists in every field from abortion to constitutionalists to nationalism.

  2. ty Hardin Says:

    Well the texans have put patriots on their boarders. The real problem is our elected officials who can’t read or write. they need a lesson on how to be obedicant to their vows to support and defend the”Constitution. Texans we have a lot of catching up to do as congress dosn’t seerm to understand the Constitution. The country is waking up to these criminal in congress and the banking elites that support their progress. No one ever said freedom was cheep.

  3. Mihail Says:

    The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.

    In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    — Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, ‘La Revue de Paris’, p.574, June 1, 1928

  4. joe Says:

    Let me ask you one question: Who has been fostering multi-culturlism for generations now in the US and in the western world? Zionist-Massonic Jews, that’s who. By veiled means or not, they are doing more to undermine the foundations of European and Christian culture than all other groups put together. Research how Jewish-funded organizations(ADL,ACLU,Southern Law Poverty Center etc.)support these migratory phenomenons viciously attacking and trying to silence anyone who attempts to oppose their agenda. I’d realy appreciate if someone had the intellectual courage to admit this fact and denounce it openly.

  5. Gina Geronis Says:

    Why not shut down what was previously called The School of the Americas in Georgia? If our government stops training foreign troops to overthrow progressive leaders in Latin American nations to benefit mutinationals–maybe countries like Honduras and Haiti can raise their minimum wage rates and improve the lots of their people. Then, they won’t immigrate illegally to the U.S.

  6. Ron Says:


    Come on!! stop the BS. This is no different from the times of slavery….or when they were given the right to vote or work and every white was afraid they were going to lose their jobs……..and watch Obama president, the sports, science they are everywhere representing the US……now the illegals is our responsibility Laws were never enforced and citizens did benefit from their work…..anyway whether you like it or not you will most likely have descendants sometime in the future with mexican blood and most likely they will be the next to make this country a power in the future relax relax…..

  7. Ron Says:


    Last, it was an illegal crossing the border that became a doctor and a leader inhis cancer expertise saving american lives now, A.S the Mayor of CA come on if anybody can be a politician nowadays, and “slaves” made this country a great place to live as well don’t you think the Illegals that will be chosen to stay after the CIR will also contribute!!!?? if you don’t agree you have a choice to change your career move out to a different plkace or run for a political career right?

  8. Barbara M. Bowman Says:

    What could I possibly add to the comprehensive wisdom being presented by this
    man who is ‘sounding an alarm’ that MUST be heard?
    My question is, what will it take to JOLT our so-called, ‘public servants’ in Washington, D.C. that another ‘AMNESTY’ is NOT the answer?
    Government is supposed to protect us from enemies both foreign and domestic.
    Illegal Immigration is an ‘ENEMY’ within! Protect our borders and ports!
    Our VISA Protocol needs strict revision. Current policies are putting our nation at risk on MANY fronts.
    PLEASE ‘HEAR’ this man!
    I encourage ALL of those in government to listen to this BEFORE any further so-called, ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ is considered.
    Use your influence with those in Washington, D.C.
    To ignore these warnings is the equivalent of choosing national suicide.
    What kind of America do YOU want to leave to YOUR descendants?

  9. Roberto A. Mendoza Says:

    I am a “Mexican-American” law student who thinking about specializing in immigration law. I understand the situation we find ourselves in America regarding the immigration problem. Being a chicano has helped me see both sides of the debate. However, I think shows and websites such as this are counterproductive. Here me out… The problems we face today are caused by policies lobbied and implemented by the banking cartels. Instead of having shows like this one which has people like Frosty Wooldridge merely stating statistics and conclusory statements regarding immigrants from certain countries and religions. All this will do is create animosity between peoples. I am an American. My mother is American and my father is Mexican. I will be the scapegoat for many American problems despite the fact that I am American and am a productive educated citizen. That cannot be good for our country. I understand why people do not want illegal and legal immigrants coming to our country. However, instead of blurting our statistics, how about we talk economics? How about we talk about the banking catels and the Federal Reserve Bank? That is the source of all our ails. It is the policies lobbied for and implemented by the elite bankers which lead to these gloablization problems. The influx of mainly Mexican immigrants is due mostly to NAFTA and other policies pushed for by the banks. I think we first have to point out the actual culprits and expose their motives and the economic mechanics by which they carry out their agenda. We need to talk about the banks. We need to have some people out here who understand economics, instead of having these sociologists who have no idea about the most important element of freedom, which is our economic freedom. We need to expose the Federal Reserve Bank and their entire operation. Ending the Federal Reserve Bank is the panacea of all our ails! Frosty Wooldridge doesn’t even know the difference between capitalism and socialism. The Fabian socialists have little by little fooled America into accepting socialism. We need a true free market w/ no monopoly of money enjoyed by the banks. I can go on about this forever, but we need to address the real issue, which is that we are witnessing a modern, scientific form of feudalism where the landlords are the banks. We cannot rely on government to solve these problems. We need to stop government’s infinite cash flow provided by the Federal Reserve’s ability to produce money for it by printing off dollars. This is an indirect tax which is decreasing our dollar’s purchasing power and decreasing our standard of living.

  10. A Canadian Says:

    This is a difficult issue to deal with. Very few people are looking at it from the correct perspective which is, What are they leaving & what are they running to? Most people would prefer to return to there birth places if they could earn a living wage, a decent standard of living and be free from tyranny.

    Focus your energy on projects in there birth countries that will provide living wages and support liberty movements in those nation states (not School of the America’s solutions – which are really British Empire type tactic’s).

    Focus your energy on supporting the construction of high speed electric railways powered by high flux density nuclear power in other countries. Mexico needs a central railway, not just a few short lines to the coast to extract raw materials but a real National Railway System.

    The Tabasco region of Mexico floods annually – the plans to use this as an irrigation source to bring water to other regions for productive farming projects have been drawn up and are waiting to be implemented. This single project will provide productive employment over a million Mexican Citizens.

    Focus your energy on this things you want to happen using positive productive thoughts and energy – not reactionary & fear based though processes.

    World wide food production could be doubled in 5 years – the global monetarist financial system which benefits a few elite can be replaced in few years with a credit based system which benefits all humanity. This can be done via a 4 powers agreement between Russia, China, India & the United States who agree via long term treaty agreements to invest in infrastructure projects via a American style credit system which will break the back of the Dutch-Angelo Financial Monetarist Slime Mold – what we used to call the British Empire – and free humanity from Wall Street, globalism, usury, the IMF/World Bank, corporate piracy and there One World Global Government agenda.

  11. joe small Says:

    Mexicans as a whole have atrocious diets, lots of red meat, dirty fish, sugar, white flour, etc., they’ll die out with the Elfins.

  12. Dan Foresman Says:

    Hey Roberto,
    Just wanted to say I heard you. Same to A Canadian. I live in California, Santa Rosa, and, I have great Hispanic neighbors, last week, I hooked up their propane, then, they brought me dinner. The dad has as hard a time with English as I have with Spanish, but I know whatever happens, has to occur with dignity and honor, or, it is just another crime.
    We can’t blow off the confused state of affairs the betrayal of our societies by those who see lives as pawns have caused. I’m with you.


  13. Michael Says:

    An ER doctor wrote today that he treated an under 30 illegal female. She had 8 kids already, born here. For each we taxpayers have been strapped with paying her $1500 for her part of the incremental invasion. So that’s $120,000 to the lady with the fertile uterus. That puts her in the top 10% income bracket, only for her, no taxes.

    A single ‘refugee’ is provided with a monthly allowance of $1890.00 Each may also obtain $580 more in social assistance for $2470 per month per person.

    Compare this to an old American who may have worked in a factory or other low paying job for 40-50 years can only receive a max. $1,012 in combined pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

    Anyone who says this is fair is probably living off the government themselves.

    If our votes still count , we should bring back the troops and patrol the borders, enforce the laws to make people apply for citizenship with all the tests and health requirements and waiting time, just like other nationalities do.

    We are getting flooded. Stop the flood

  14. scary Says:

    Absolutely comical in the bad way. These democrats are out of their minds. Everything with these immigration bills and reform trends are nothing more than racism. The blacks and hispanics our so called “minority groups” are nothing more than racist scum. They bvase their philosphies on their skin color and ethnic backround and not on sense. This country cannot afford more immigrants. We need to fix the problems first.

  15. JC Says:

    As a second class citizen of Alta California (occupado) I am forced to pay outrageous rent, drive on increasingly clogged streets and highways, deal with increasingly numerous and obnoxious “conquitadores” on increasingly dysfunctional public transit, and pay increasingly higher taxes to support the conquitadores from various parts of the third world. The conquistadores do not pay taxes, do not have to register or insure their cars, do not require drivers licenses, and do not face consequnces for committing any but the most violent crimes.

    I have watched the disaster unfold for the past 30 years.

    Unlike most people that write on these blogs, I have actually lived in “diverse” neighbourhoods, actually worked (at drastically diminished wages) with illegal aliens, personally know amigos that leave their illegitimate children here in the US (for the taxpayer to raise)while they return to Mexico, personally know of the illegal firearms sales, thefts, and other assorted crimes committed by my conqustadores, personally know the victims of gang rapes, robberies, and so on committed by my “diverse” brethren, etc. etc. etc. These are not (to me) exaggerated items in “racist” articles read in some extremist tabloid.

    Anyone claiming that overpopulation is not a problem, anyone claiming that the invasion of this country is not a reality, anyone claiming that “diversity is our strength” should visit the bankrupt state of Alta California. Most particularly come visit Oakland.

    I have seen the future and it is Oakland. Writ large across the country. The multicultural paradise of Oakland is spreading past San Leandro, past Richmond, and throughout the Bay area. San Jose is rapidly becoming LA North. SJ doesn’t yet have a conquistadore mayor like Senor Antonio Villar. Yet.

    I think back to my years in the Army sometimes. And frequently regret that I served in any capacity the evil empire that forced the calamity I daily observe on the citizenry of this once great nation.

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