Jeffery Grupp – Alternative Energy & Self-Sufficient Living

Air Date: 10/13/2009


Jeffrey Grupp is an adjunct lecturer at Indiana and Purdue Universities. He is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Purdue with an MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University, and a BA in anthropology from the University of New Mexico. His professional research specializations are Buddhism, quantum physics, and economic and political issues in philosophy. Grupp has published a dozen articles in top philosophy journals on quantum physics, Buddhism, and attacks on metaphysics.

He is the originator of the mereological nihilist interpretation of quantum mechanics, which is a new interpretation of quantum physics meant to replace the largely metaphysical ones offered by Feynman and other physicists. Corporatism is his first publication on economic, anthropological, and political philosophical issues. His website is He is also the author of The Telescreen and Telementation.

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