Thomas Rodgers – Is HUD Gassing America & Do They Have A License To Kill?

Air Date: 07/22/2010


Since I have been defrocked and my education and labor history
“sanitized” as a hated whistle-blower in my profession, I am always
reticent about stating my Curriculum Vitae or experience on paper
because my fellows-now-enemies have used it to refute and claim I am a liar.

So rather than being a Human and Animal Pathologist (which is why I was
able to identify these poisoning cases in the first place), I am instead
labeled as a Pathological Liar. Cute huh!

So the best I dare state on paper is that I have personal life
experience including human and animal pathology, then I let my spoken or
printed knowledge support itself — and that works better than a
death-obtained “sheepskin” hanging on mahogany paneled walls and
convincing you of man made credentials and covering the lying words of
the wolf who owns it!

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